Zion Williamson Reveals His ‘Biggest Fear’ For NBA Career

Zion Williamson Reveals His ‘Biggest Fear’ For NBA Career

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Zion Williamson will enter the NBA as one of the league’s biggest stars. Of course, it is up to him to cement that status, and elevate a floundering New Orleans Pelicans franchise in the process.

To his credit, he seems up to it. The crazy attention that he’s had since he began going viral for his wild dunks a few years ago, through a monumental season at Duke has never appeared to phase him.

The rookie-to-be was among the young players that attended the Panini NBA Rookie Photo Shoot. There, ESPN’s Anthony Olivieri caught up with a number of players to ask questions about their burgeoning careers.

Some were about their first dunks, their impressions of veteran Vince Carter, who has been in the league since before most of them were born, and the players they’re most excited to face. At the end, Olivieri got a bit more personal though.

He asked a few players, including Williamson, about their biggest fears for their NBA careers. The Duke superstar gave a particularly honest answer.

Zion Williamson says that his biggest fear isn’t being an NBA bust, but losing his love for the game of basketball.

That’s a pretty mature, honest take from the 2019 No. 1 pick. From ESPN:

“My worst fear is — and I know it’s not going to happen — you hear about people losing their love for the game. I hope that never happens to me because I love the game so much. If that happens to me, I’d be so hurt.”

He wasn’t alone in giving solid answers there, either. Chicago Bulls rookie Coby White says that he wants to make sure to be productive with his free time as a pro athlete, while Philadelphia 76ers defensive dynamo Matisse Thybulle, a Washington product, acknowledged that he’s a bit uneasy with the fame that comes with NBA life.


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