Who Is Caroline Calloway? New Details On ‘Influencer ‘And Her Ghostwriter Natalie Beach Who’s Exposing All Her Dirty Secrets

Who Is Caroline Calloway? New Details On ‘Influencer ‘And Her Ghostwriter Natalie Beach Who’s Exposing All Her Dirty Secrets

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And she spills all the tea.

In a tell-all article on The Cut Natalie Beach revealed that Instagram influencer and author Caroline Calloway used Beach as a secret ghostwriter for her Instagram captions and (now canceled) book.

Natalie Beach’s essay reads like a novel. You’re captivated by her vivid recollection of her life with Calloway and each paragraph leaves you craving more because of how swiftly the fame and recognition begin to build. I have a few problems with this article that left me confused. Before I read the piece, I expected to hear how Beach felt manipulated into writing as Calloway ghostwriter, but this false impression evaporates as she paints her truth totally differently than I had expected, altering the takeaway from the article. In the lead up to the release of this article, we all anticipated that Beach was basically held against her will in doing this for Calloway, but that is far from the truth.

In my opinion, both girls are at fault here, but I do believe Beach enabled Calloway by continually offering to contribute to her writing and posts. From what I gathered in her own words, she was never the one who Calloway scouted out during these collaborations, rather, it was Beach who actively requested to contribute in Calloway’s work, knowing full well that it would mean sacrificing her chance in obtaining recognition for her work. To me, the overall theme in the dynamic between these two was that Beach looked for any excuse to come to Calloway’s rescue who she viewed as a damsel in distress, while Calloway viewed Beach as a friend willing and eager to help, who she could easily take advantage of.

This scandal parallels well to the true story of plagiarist painter Walter Keane. Basically, for years, Walter Keane used the work created by his wife Margaret Keane and cons everyone into believing her work is actually his own. After his unbelievable success, Margaret eventually comes forward, many years later, and proves she is indeed the original artist, exposing Walter as a fraudulent artist — earning her the recognition she rightfully deserves.

Ever since Beach wrote and published her article for The Cut, Calloway’s life and career has come crumbling down right before the public’s eye, as she has not handled the scandal well on her social media platforms.

So what all went down between these two and how did this all begin? Who is Caroline Callowa? Who is Natalie Beach? Read on to find out.

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