UFC: Conor McGregor’s Secret To Longevity, Success Outside Combat Sports Revealed By Manager

UFC: Conor McGregor’s Secret To Longevity, Success Outside Combat Sports Revealed By Manager

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  • Conor McGregor’s manager revealed how he helps the UFC star to succeed outside combat sports
  • McGregor’s athletic ability and work ethic can’t be faked
  • McGregor’s manager wants to know if Terrence Crawford is serious about MMA fight

UFC superstar Conor McGregor’s manager Audie Attar revealed how he helps his fighter achieve longevity and success outside combat sports.

Aside from being a household name in the UFC, McGregor has built a name for himself outside combat sports. To some people, McGregor is even an entrepreneur and a man who doesn’t do things that wouldn’t add something to his legacy. While it is true that McGregor has already established his own name in sports, most of it wouldn’t be possible without the help of his long-time manager Attar.

Attar and McGregor have been partners for over 8 years. Needless to say, Attar played a huge role in McGregor’s rise thrilling rise to UFC fame. Apparently, Attar didn’t only help McGregor in selling fights but he also contributed largely in the Irishman’s success outside combat sports.

In a recent interview with Elie Seckbach of EsNews, Attar revealed how he maintained McGregor’s image and popularity. According to the Iraqi-American businessman, he has been responsible for most of the “public relations and branding” but McGregor’s talent and work ethic were “stuff that can’t be fake.”

“First and foremost you gotta focus on the athletic ability and the skills and the training. That’s stuff you can’t fake cause that what has gotten you into that point of your athletic career,” Attar said.

“And then you gotta focus on the other things. You gotta focus on your PR. You gotta focus on your brand building efforts. And you conduct interviews and what (kind of) interviews, who’s the audiences. That’s all important things in trying to build your own brand,” Attar continued.

Attar then admitted that he’s “trying to create enterprise and opportunities for McGregor in business.” However, given the complications of being a UFC superstar, Attar ensures that McGregor isn’t “pushing too hard.”

“You always have to know your worth and sometimes that also means not pushing too hard because you’re not there (yet) where you wanna be at,” Attar said.

Conor McGregor UFC Conor McGregor holds up a cup of his Notorious-branded Irish whiskey as he speaks during a news conference following his 10th-round TKO loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their super welterweight boxing match at T-Mobile Arena on August 26, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Meanwhile, Attar recently addressed McGregor’s possible fight with Terrence Crawford. Attar said that he “respects Crawford” for wanting to fight McGregor in MMA. However, as much as he likes the idea, he wants to know how serious “Bud” is about it.

“I respect Terrence (Crawford) for being willing to do that (MMA fight with McGregor). If he’s really willing to do that, ask not just Bob Arum (who has been) promoting it. I think that’s great,” Attar said.


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