Tech Digest: More news this week

Tech Digest: More news this week

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In-flight VR

British Airways is upping the ante when it comes to in-flight thrills by testing VR entertainment for passengers. The headsets (pictured above) offer movies, docs, therapeutic programmes and more in 2D, 3D or 360-degree formats. The tech is only being trialled in first-class cabins on select flights though, so for now at least, we’ll have to make do with the 2D headrests.

Recycle me

We’ve all had one of those ‘are these recyclable?’ moments, so in an attempt to help us dispose of items that can’t be recycled through standard household services, here’s RecycleBox. It allows you to get rid of things like coffee pods and printer cartridges. Just fill an empty box, book a collection and transport, sorting, analysis and processing fees are taken care of for £10.


Instagram wants to help you step up your Stories game with the announcement that it’ll be bringing augmented reality effects to your feed for the first time. Relying on tech from the Facebook-owned augmented reality platform Spark AR, users can create their own virtual effects, animations and custom face filters that can be superimposed on images and videos.

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