Stark Raving Chris Chandler at KMUD Summer Music Series This Friday – Redheaded Blackbelt

Stark Raving Chris Chandler at KMUD Summer Music Series This Friday – Redheaded Blackbelt

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This is a press release from the event organizers:

“This man is dangerous,” wrote the Washington Post.  “The most radically creative act on the coffee house circuit,” wrote the Boston Herald. “The best performance poet I have ever seen,” said the late great Utah Phillips.  Now stark raving Chris Chandler is coming to Southern Humboldt, to perform outdoors this Friday, August 16 at 7 pm at the KMUD parking lot in Redway as the opener of their Summer Music Series. This is a free event. This show features a style and genre like no other. It is performance art, poetry, storytelling, short films, multimedia, and folk music all rolled into one.  Food and drink will be served and benefit KMUD.

Delivering vignettes about politics and modern culture, a skinny bald dynamo with the fire of a Baptist preacher is joined by renowned sideman Sean Shanahan of Eugene, who has taken the mantle of Chandler’s music director. Shanahan brings to the table his longtime rockabilly and punk rock roots. Together they have fused folk sentiments with the grit of working class punk, delivering an award winning multimedia show rooted in the streets of America. Chandler has performed on thousands of stages working with such diverse figures as Allen Ginsberg, Mojo Nixon, Pete Seeger, and Ani DiFranco.

Song titles of Chandler include “Breakfast Serial Killers,” “Generica,” “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Abyss,” and “Thrift Store Diva.”  He’s produced over ten albums of his material, including The Wholly Stolen EmpireAmerican Storyteller, and Pocket Call from My Dreams.  He recently collaborated with famed folksinger Dan Bern to release “This is Paradise,” a moving tribute to the survivors of last year’s Paradise, California devastating fires and how it affected a girls’ volleyball team which was finally eligible for the playoffs for the first time in their school’s history.

Surprise guests will be on hand to perform.  Volunteers are welcome, and can email or call KMUD at (707) 923-2513.  Facebook invite page here:

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