New NBA player ranking left Bradley Beal out of the Top 20

New NBA player ranking left Bradley Beal out of the Top 20

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Bradley Beal is apparently not a Top 20 player, according to one new rankings list.

Sports Illustrated ranked the Top 100 NBA players ahead of the 2019-20 NBA season, and Bradley Beal came in at No. 22. 

SI said it used a confluence of factors, both subjective and objective to compile the list. Additionally, postseason performance was one specific factor that was heavily-weighted.

After all was said and done, Beal came in at No. 22, right behind Chris Paul and in front of Ben Simmons. Here’s what SI had to say about Beal’s game and his ranking. You can read the full assessment here.

Over the course of seven years in the league, Bradley Beal has built a rich and interesting game. It all starts with his shooting, and a form that’s as smooth as they come from lift to release. From the threat of his shot comes a sprawl of complementary skills. Precise footwork creates angles where there would seem to be none. Beal uses those angles to make hard drives, propelling him all the way to the rim more often than ever. What he lacks in pure speed, he makes up for in distance. Beal led the league in mileage last season, in no small part because he also led the league in minutes. There are stars who can do even a bit more or work even more efficiently, but nothing about the way Beal operates would leave his team wanting.

It’s a fair assessment of his game, and any true gripe might just be that Beal always seems to be getting snubbed when rankings come out.

There are some other notable rankings on SI’s Top 100, too. Giannis Antetokuonpo unseats LeBron James from the top spot for the first time since the inception of these rankings in 2013. Kawhi Leonard comes in at No. 2, with James in third. Stephen Curry and James Harden round out the top five.

The group around Beal is as follows:

No. 24 Pascal Siakam
No. 23 Ben Simmons
No. 22 Bradley Beal
No. 21 Chris Paul
No. 20 Kemba Walker
No. 19 Blake Griffin
No. 18 Al Horford

Former Wizard Otto Porter comes in at No. 57 on the list.


New NBA player ranking left Bradley Beal out of the Top 20 originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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