K-Pop Weight Loss Diet: Does It Work?

K-Pop Weight Loss Diet: Does It Work?

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The rise in popularity of diets in the last decade or so has resulted in numerous types of diet being “developed” to help different people with different needs. There’s the ever-famous intermittent fasting technique, the “paleo” diet, and now, the Korean Weight Loss Diet.

More popularly known as the K-pop diet, this type of diet is mainly inspired by traditional Korean cuisine and is a whole-foods-based diet that’s meant to help people lose weight the same way their K-pop idols do.

As a musical genre, K-pop relies a lot on its image as well and having a slim, fit body is the most common look.

Korean Weight Loss Diet

As a diet type, this particular one highly limits the amount of sugary, fat-rich and processed foods you eat then relies a lot on whole, minimally-processed foods. However, unlike other diets, this one doesn’t make you give up your favorite foods. By continuously modifying your diet and making you do K-pop specific workouts, it promises clear skin, long-term optimized health and help you lose weight.

Following the K-pop Diet

Because it’s a Korean diet, the routine comprises of whole-foods-based traditional cuisine that includes some meat, fish, seafood, rice and a variety of vegetables. As a Korean staple, Kimchi is also included, which is a fermented cabbage dish.

Other rules include eat less fat, minimize any sugar intake, avoid snacks whenever possible, eat fewer calories and of course, exercise regularly. And while the diet itself promises that it’s very flexible and sustainable, it highly recommends that you avoid eating wheat, excess fat and refined sugars of any sort.

Weight Loss Efficacy

Because it leaves snacking, excess fat and refined sugars by a large margin, it helps you avoid too much calories that can help in weight loss. Traditional Korean meals are also naturally rich in vegetables that are all rich in fiber. Fiber helps you move your stool easier and helps you lose weight by making you feel full longer and stopping any cravings by reducing hunger.

Lastly, the diet also encourages you to reduce your meal portions until you find something that helps you lose weight and helps you feel full.

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