K-Pop Diet: Will This Whole Food-Based Korean Diet Lead to Weight Loss?

K-Pop Diet: Will This Whole Food-Based Korean Diet Lead to Weight Loss?

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K-Pop Diet: Will This Whole Food-Based Korean Diet Lead to Weight Loss?

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Let’s not sugarcoat it: losing weight is hard. Pre-planning meals, counting calories, and carving out time for the gym – it’s a lot of work. Probably that is the reason why we keep trying countless new diets. There is the ever famous intermittent fasting, the paleo diet and now it is the K-pop diet. South Korea has managed to keep out the lure of fast food and the influence of the Western diet in favour of its traditional way of eating. Let us look at how this latest diet trend can help you lose weight.

What Is K-Pop Diet?

K-pop diet is inspired by traditional Korean cuisine and is a whole-foods diet. K-pop is a musical genre where the artists endorse a slim, fit body and the diet is meant to help you lose weight the same way your K-pop idols do. This weight-loss diet recommends limiting sugary and processed foods and unlike other diets, it doesn’t make you give up your favourite foods. In fact, you can continually modify your diet and do K-pop specific workouts, to get clearer skin and a more sustainable weight loss. Also try these 5 diets that are not restrictive and still help you lose weight. 

What Does the K-pop Diet Look Like?

The weight-loss diet mainly emphasises on whole-foods like vegetables, fish, soy and fermented vegetables known as kimchi. In addition to a high content of vitamins A, B and C, kimchi is virtually fat-free and loaded with fibre to keep you feeling full longer.

Korean cuisine is famous for its barbecued meats, and while South Koreans enjoy their barbecue, they eat it sparingly. They also use a minimal amount of fat in their cooking, preferring to steam or boil vegetables and roast or broil meats, and use small amounts of sesame oil when stir-frying. The diet also highly recommends avoiding wheat, excess fat and refined sugars of any sort. If you are looking to lose weight quickly, try the 5 bite diet. 

How to Get Started?

If you can’t quite see yourself eating kimchi three times a day, you can make changes to your regular diet to improve its nutritional quality, which in turn helps improve your health and weight. You can start by making fruits and vegetables the focus of all your meals, filling half your plate with them. Also, replace your refined processed grains with whole grains.

Koreans eat rice, kimchi, soup, vegetables and roasted meat or fish for breakfast. Instead of eggs and with a side of bread and doughnuts for breakfast, try a bowl of brown rice with some steamed vegetables and broiled fish. This meal makes a healthy lunch or dinner, too.

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