From Shahid Kapoor to Hrithik Roshan, this is exactly what Bollywood celebs eat to stay fit

From Shahid Kapoor to Hrithik Roshan, this is exactly what Bollywood celebs eat to stay fit

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From Shahid Kapoor to Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan, Bollywood actors take two things very seriously—their diets and their roles (obviously). They eat healthy meals as a part of their respective diets to stay in shape—on and off-screen. Below, we enlist the diet plans of seven of the fittest actors in B-town.

From Shahid Kapoor to Hrithik Roshan – these are the diet plans that Bollywood’s fittest celebrities follow:

Tiger Shroff

In an exclusive interaction with GQ, the ever-so-ripped Tiger Shroff revealed that while he follows a clean diet, his caloric intake changes from one film to another. “For a film like Baaghi or Rambo, I would probably have to put on some muscle, so I would eat a lot more. I would just increase my calorie intake,” he said. It’s also no secret that Shroff lifts (and lifts heavy) in the gym to maintain his chiseled-ness as well. Here, to start working out like him, check out these 10 Tiger Shroff-approved workouts.

Katrina Kaif

During our November 2019 cover shoot, Katrina Kaif shared that she loves training and eating well to take care of herself. She also follows one staple rule as far as dieting goes—”my staple rule, which I follow 95 per cent of the time, is no gluten, no refined sugars, no dairy.” She’ll eat carbohydrates though. “Carbs are fine – nothing wrong with them!” she said. Notably, giving up gluten and sugar have numerous health benefits, including acne-free skin and a healthy and happy gut.

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh leaves no stone unturned to get in the shape of a character that he’s portraying on-screen. He was super-bulked up in Padmaavat and Simmba, and months later, he was super-lean again in Gully Boy. Now for ‘83, he’s built some solid muscle mass again. His drastic transformations are courtesy of never skipping the gym as well as eating nutritionist-approved meals that are especially curated and prepared for him by Mumbai-based food service, Pod Supply. In a recent GQ feature, Pod Supply’s co-owner spills the deets on Singh’s diet plan for ‘83. Read this feature here.

Malaika Arora

In a chat with GQ, Malaika Arora revealed that she’s always been somebody who’s very particular about what she eats and when she eats it. But, over a year ago, she was introduced to intermittent fasting. And, now, she swears by it.

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She’s also made Yoga a crucial part of her fitness regime. “I think the combination of doing Yoga and following an intermittent fasting routine, daily, has just completely changed my way of thinking towards eating, food, et cetera. I’ve also turned vegetarian over the last one year,” she said.

Shahid Kapoor

While Shahid Kapoor’s great physique is courtesy of a stringent training routine; his diet and lifestyle choices have been instrumental in shaping his fitness regimen. Kapoor’s been a vegetarian for the longest time but over the course of last year, he switched to veganism. This shift was slow and started with the elimination of these two food items.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar’s a teetotaller and eats only healthy, home-cooked meals throughout the day. In fact, he’s also vegan. A couple of months ago, Kumar stopped consuming meat and started eating only vegan meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. His nutrition requirements are also taken care by Pod Supply. In a GQ Exclusive feature, Pod Supply’s co-owner revealed a few dishes from Kumar’s Vegan diet plan. Find them here.

Hrithik Roshan

As per a media report, Hrithik Roshan’s diet plan comprises eating small meals at regular intervals throughout the day. Limiting your food intake to smaller portions via a number of meals instead of 3 large meals in a day helps your body stay active and also curbs the need to binge-eat.


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