Dallas Cowboys: Former NFL QB says Dak Prescott is ‘extremely disrespected,’ the NFL’s most underrated QB 

Dallas Cowboys: Former NFL QB says Dak Prescott is ‘extremely disrespected,’ the NFL’s most underrated QB 

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If Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot’s holdout isn’t the most talked about NFL topic right now it’s only because people are instead talking about whether or not Dak Prescott deserves $40 million per year. 

 Yesterday former NFL quarterback Sean Salisbury joined The Dan Patrick Show and offered his opinion on Prescott’s contract situation, adding that the Cowboys quarterback may be better than people are willing to give him credit for. 

Salisbury played five seasons in the NFL, playing for for the Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings, and the Sandiego Chargers. He is currently the host of The Sean Salisbury Show on SportsTalk 790 in Houston. 

Patrick suggested that Dak should bet on himself and sign a two-year extension with $63 million guaranteed, prove his worth on the field, then sign for a bigger five-year contract when the NFL’s new TV deal kicks in.   

Salisbury: “I love your logic, Dan. I love it. I may be in the minority but I actually think that Dak Prescott is the most underrated quarterback in the NFL. When he came out his year I had him as the second quarterback in my rankings, he ends up going in the fourth round. The one weakness, for me, with him is: can you carry a team like Rodgers or Brady or those guys that for five or six weeks they are mike Trout. They can carry a team. Can Dak do it? Right now I think that is the big question mark. He’s pretty accurate underneath. Get better at throwing the ball downfield.

Patrick drilled down, asking Salisbury to clarify whether he thinks Prescott can in fact carry the Cowboys. 

Salisbury: “No. Right now he can’t. I can’t see $40 million a year. But ask for the moon and you could get a couple of stars in the process. (…) It’s like the Kirk Cousins approach with one less year. Guaranteed $60 million, go do your thing. Throw me a 4,500-yard season AND get me deep into the playoffs or a possible Super Bowl doorstep and now we can talk. Then the money will be bigger than the money he is asking for now. I do think there is something to prove, but I also think he is extremely disrespected when you look at who you compare him to — all of us. He is not a top-10 guy but Dak Prescott is a good player. The only thing holding him back is the… can you carry a team if Zeke doesn’t play this year, let’s say he held out for six games. Can you get us to 4-2 or 5-1? I think that’s the biggest question mark why people are afraid to pay him that kind of money.”

You can see more of Salisbury’s interview with Dan Patrick below. 

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