British Jewish groups join international coalition against Trump’s peace deal

British Jewish groups join international coalition against Trump’s peace deal

British Jewish groups have joined an unprecedented international coalition of Jewish organisations united against Donald Trump’s proposed Middle East peace deal.

Yachad, Jewish Labour Movement and Habonim Dror joined the UK branches of organisations such as New Israel Fund, Meretz and Rabbis for Human Rights to oppose the deal, which would lead to Israeli sovereignty over settlements.

The British groups made up some of the 25 liberal Jewish signatory organisations, which include well-known names such as J-Street in the United States. Geographically, they span Europe, South Africa, Australia, Canada and Central America.

In a first-of-its-kind intervention, they called on world leaders to reject Trump’s “one-sided” deal because it does not offer the Palestinians “independence in a sovereign state” and runs counter to “Jewish values of justice and peace”.

In an open letter, they said: “We believe that this plan could only be rejected by the Palestinian leadership as it will not bring peace or a viable two-state solution. A peace plan in name only, it will perpetuate the occupation and doom the region to a destructive future of more bloodshed and conflict.

“As Diaspora Jews, we reject this deal as inconsistent not only with international law but with Jewish values, and Israel’s aspiration to be a state living in peace and respect with its neighbours.

“We call on Jews across the world and international leaders who wish to see a just peace in the region between two sovereign states – Israel and Palestine – to reject this sham deal.”

A spokesperson for Yachad said: “We are proud to stand alongside fellow Jews from around the globe against Trump’s dangerous deal. As supporters of Israel, we believe this one-sided deal will kill the two-state solution and ultimately doom Israel to a dangerous future.

“British and world leaders must reject this plan which runs counter to international law as well as to the Jewish values of justice and peace.”

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