Brexit LATEST: Stand down Nigel! Farage told he risks blocking Brexit with election plan | Politics | News

Brexit LATEST: Stand down Nigel! Farage told he risks blocking Brexit with election plan | Politics | News

Mr Farage has been warned the UK could find itself with a “shabby coalition of socialists, Lib Dems, Scottish and Welsh nationalists” if he continues to fight key seats the Tories are trying to win. One former candidate is urging colleagues to stand down or risk denying Boris Johnson a majority on December 12 and increasing the “hideous” prospect of helping Jeremy Corbyn into Number 10.

Philip Walling, who has pulled out of the battle for the Workington seat in Cumbria, said: “I plead with every other Brexit candidate to do what I have done: examine your conscience in the cold light of reason.

“And if you think you risk splitting the Tory vote, and so damaging the best chance of Brexit that Britain has got, then for God’s sake – stand down.”

A YouGov poll of 11,500 voters shows the Brexit Party presents a serious threat to Mr Johnson’s hopes.

But the Prime Minister has already dismissed the Brexit Party challenge, branding the movement out of date and comparing its candidates with “candle-sellers at the dawn of the age of the light bulb” and “sellers of typewriters on beholding their first laptop computer”.

The pressure on Mr Farage mounted further after he appeared to row back on his demands for Mr Johnson to ditch his Withdrawal Agreement in return for an electoral pact to avoid dividing the Brexit vote.

Mr Farage has now said changes must be made to the Government’s political declaration for his party to back the deal.

He said his party will stand at least 600 candidates in the General Election unless the Prime Minister removes the allowance for the Brexit transition period to last until 2022.

Mr Farage had vowed to contest all 650 seats unless Mr Johnson ditched his Brexit deal but has since been urged to focus on a smaller number of Leave-backing areas. Referring to the Tory refusal to strike a deal with his party, Mr Farage said: “It’s not too late for Boris.

“He hasn’t launched his manifesto, a general election is a chance to press the reset button.

“I’d love to see him move from where he is.”


12.15pm: Astonishment at Lib Dem plan up north

Active astonishment at Lib Dem position on revocation: “I just can’t believe they’d go back on a vote like that.”

Sky Political Correspondent Lewis Goodall has been canvassing voters in Durham this morning.

Up north, Jo Swinson’s decision to change the Liberal Democrats’ position on Brexit to revoking Article 50 “on day one” if they win the general election has gone down badly.

Describing voters’ “active astonishment” at the party’s position, one person told him “I just can’t believe they’d go back on a vote like that.”

11.28am: Northern Ireland has a booming future says new UUP leader

Steve Aiken has been confirmed as the new Ulster Unionist Party leader.

He said Northern Ireland was being transformed into a diverse and self-confident region despite Brexit.

Mr Aiken said: “It would be a momentous time to assume the leadership of any political party but now, for unionism, for those that are pro-union, and those that just believe in Northern Ireland, it has never been more important for the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) to be ready to go out and fight for what is right for our nation.”

10.20am: Corbyn’s bizarre new leadership plan to deal with Brexit

Labour is thought to have drawn up plans to revamp their leadership structure.

As reported by Huffington Post, a potential plan is to elect two co-leaders – one representing northern Leave areas and another representing Remain supporting big cities.

The co-roles would be gender balanced, the Green Party operated by this measure from 1992 to 2008 with a male and female principal speaker and since 2016 with co-leaders.

One MP said: “The Greens make it work, so why can’t we? It would let us represent the smaller towns and the big cities with different voices.

“It would get us away from the presidential-style of politics that has dominated British politics lately.”

9.40am: Labour losing supporting to Brexit party in election poll

Labour is losing support from low income voters who are switching to the Brexit Party for the upcoming general election, a new poll has shown.

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) found Labour has lost 10 percent of their support from voters with a household income of lower than £17,000 since April.

These means just 36 percent of these voters are backing Jeremy Corbyn’s party.

18 percent of these voters are expected to vote for the Brexit Party, accounting for 1.4 million votes.

8.30am update: Boris makes “do or dry” pledge

Boris Johnson claims he has given up drinking until after Brexit is sorted.

The Prime Minister’s “do or dry” pledge follows his failure to keep his “do or die” promise to deliver Brexit by October 31.

Mr Johnson was pictured sipping whisky during a distillery visit in Scotland on Thursday, casting doubt on his commitment to the self-imposed alcohol ban.

His remark came while chatting about health matters with nurses at the King’s Mill Hospital in Nottinghamshire.

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