Antonio Brown Is Still Angrily Tweeting As He Awaits The NFL’s Decision

Antonio Brown Is Still Angrily Tweeting As He Awaits The NFL’s Decision

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Antonio Brown is still awaiting word on the outcome of the NFL’s investigation regarding civil allegations of assault and it appears that he is getting frustrated with the process. On Tuesday morning, Brown sent out a cryptic tweet that appears to be directed at the NFL and maybe Roger Goodell.

“They don’t want me to be great! They want my name slandered! They want to finish us! They control the narrative! Never trust they!”

It’s unclear who exactly “they” are but it could be the NFL, Goodell, media, or maybe even NFL owners who haven’t signed him. Brown has made it clear he is ready to play football again, but teams aren’t willing to sign him until they know the result of the NFL’s investigation and if he is going to be suspended.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reported last week that a decision is still a couple of weeks ago because some of Brown’s answers during the interview made the NFL re-open parts of the investigation.

It’s unclear if the NFL is trying to drag their feet on the issues, or if the investigation is actually taking this long, but it’s hard to imagine at this point that Brown will be playing on the field and maybe his attention should turn towards next year.

As long as nothing else damning comes out of the investigation, and he stays out of trouble this offseason, it’s hard to imagine that Brown won’t have a job next season. His talent on the field is undeniable and another team will give him a chance.

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