16 Photos Of Jorge Masvidal Before His UFC Fame

16 Photos Of Jorge Masvidal Before His UFC Fame

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Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal has become one of the fastest people to rise to stardom in UFC history, is what one would say if they didn’t know that he has actually been in the professional fight game for over fifteen years at this point.

Jorge Masvidal made his UFC debut all the way back in 2013 and up until recently has had a mixed record in the world’s biggest fight promotion, with most of his losses coming up by split decision.

Masvidal took a break from the sport in 2017 to heal some injuries and rethink his career and reset his mind. This break was seemingly the best thing that could have happened to Masvidal as ever since he has come back he has won all three of his matches by stoppage, one of them being the fastest knockout in UFC history.

With all that success it might be time to take a look back at Masvidal, before all the success and fame that his recent matches have brought him.

16 His Match Against Stephen Thompson

Via: UFC

Before Jorge Masvidal took a nearly two-year break from the sport of MMA, he had a match with Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson at UFC 217. Masvidal lost this one to Thompson via a unanimous decision. Many fans say that this loss is what prompted Masivdal to take a hiatus from the sport.

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15 Sweaty Hair Day

Via: UFC

Masvidal didn’t always have the luscious glowing, long main of hair that he currently has right now. Back when Masivdal fought more so in the Lightweight division he sported a much shorter hairdo, in order to help him make the 155-pound limit that the division has. Masvidal has said since moving up to Welterweight full time, he is happy to be able to sport his longer hair again.

14 Strike A Pose

Via: UFC

Masvidal’s first big break in the world of MMA was getting signed to the now-defunct fight promotion Strikeforce. Masvidal debuted in the organization at 22 years old and this was the start to a nearly 15-year long career in the fight game. We can also see how proud he is of his Cuban heritage with the Cuban flag being feature prominently on his shorts.

13 Old Friends

Via: Jorge Masvidal’s youtube channel

This photo is super interesting as we can see the person across Masvidal in this photo is none other than one of the most annoying people in the UFC’s roster and someone Masvidal has been talking a lot of smack to, Colby Covington. Colby and Masvidal used to be very close and Masvidal even let Colby stay at his home and sleep on his couch for a time.

12 Weigh-ins

Via: UFC

As mentioned in a previous entry, Masvidal used to fight at Lightweight, which is 15 pounds lower than where he fights at now, Welterweight. Masvidal used to cut a lot of weight to make that limit and that’s obvious from this photo, where he looks a lot smaller and flat compared to how he looks weighing in now.

11 Match With Cowboy

Via: UFC

If you’re a big UFC fan and also spend a lot of time on Youtube, you may have come across a video on the official UFC Youtube page of a free fight between Masvidal and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. This match was one of Masvidal’s last before his hiatus from MMA and showed him winning by TKO in the second round.

10 Staredown With Al Iaquinta

Via: UFC

Jorge Masvidal faced off against Al Iaquinta on April 4, 2015. The fight was a back and forth affair with Masvidal usually being on the back foot, but still landing hard shots and combinations all the same. The fight went to the judges with Masvidal losing by split decision and if you see his reaction to that news you could tell he believes that he won the match.

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9 Kicks With Cowboy

Via: UFC

Back to his fight with Cowboy for this entry. If you ask anyone who has seen this fight, they can tell you that it was a pretty one-sided affair, with Masvidal domination most of it. Despite this, there were still some good exchanges and Cowboy definitely did bring it to game bred. This match actually saw Masvidal use a wheel kick, a spectacular technique he is not known for using.

8 Game Show Days

Via: exatlon estados unidos

During his break from the fight game following his loss to Wonderboy Thompson, Masvidal was approached by his manager to appear on a Spanish language gameshow. Masvidal initially refused the offer but after an increase in pay, he decided to try it out. This game show, Exatlon, is similar in premise to Survivor, one of those similarities is that they took away any contact to the outside world.

This allowed Masvidal to really think about what he wanted to do with his MMA career.  This show might just have been what Masvidal needed to rejuvenate himself and get him on the roll he is now.

7 Strikeforce Brawl

Via: UFC

As mentioned previously, Masvidal fought for the now-defunct Strikeforce. Masvidal fought a total of six fights with the fight promotion and won all but one of those matches. That loss (pictured above) comes to him from Gilbert Melendez and the match is another decision loss on the record of Jorge Masvidal.

6 Strikeforce Debut


It’s almost weirdly fitting that the last photo that we show from Masvidal’s time in Strikeforce is of his debut. Jorge Masvidal debuted for the promotion on September 29, 2007, at the Playboy Mansion no less. Masvidal faced off against Matt Lee and won the match in the first round by TKO.

5 Bellator Days

Via: Bellator MMA

After his debut in Strikeforce, Masvidal made his debut with Bellator MMA. Masvidal only fought for the promotion three times and this was during the early days of the company. Masvidal went two and 1 in the company losing once by submission in the third round, but both his victories in the company were finishes.

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4 Stay Hungry

Via: youtube channel: Better than your mothers

Jorge Masvidal loves his food, especially Cuban food. This love of food had him appear on the Better Than Your Mothers Youtube channel where the host Iman Kawa cooked some food for him. It should be mentioned that Iman Kawa isn’t just a youtube personality but also the girlfriend, or possibly ex-girlfriend of Jorge Masvidal and the mother of his children.

3 Cut Throat Industry

Via: UFC

Jorge Masvidal has talked a lot about how he has always been one of the best fighters in the UFC and that people are just noticing it now. This photo comes from a press conference where Jorge talks about being underrated in the UFC and also mentioned some beef that he and former Middleweight champ Michael Bisping apparently had.

2 Showtime Kick Practice

Via: UFC

Jorge Masvidal isn’t really known for his more high flying techniques. Aside from the occasional wheel kick, as the one mentioned previously, he isn’t known for jumping off the cage, like Anthony Pettis. However, it seems that he might be a little interested in learning Pettis’ signature technique, as it looks like he’s practicing it here.

1 Backyard Brawls

Via: UFC

A lot of fans have probably known that Masvidal has been in the fight game for a pretty long time now. fans might also know that Masvidal was actually an acquaintance of the late Kimbo Slice and would regularly fight in backyard brawls set up by Kimbo. This fight is probably the most famous one of those fights, where it features Masvidal TKO a man who is 10 pounds heavier than him.

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