Strictly’s Kevin Clifton thinks he had coronavirus in January after ‘cough and fever’

Strictly’s Kevin Clifton thinks he had coronavirus in January after ‘cough and fever’

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Strictly Come Dancing ‘s Kevin Clifton, who recently quit the show, believes he actually contracted coronavirus in January.

He revealed he got very sick while rehearsals for The Wedding Singer: The Musical, with symptoms including a cough and fever – telltale signs of coronavirus.

Kevin, who is in a relationship with Stacey Doole y, is now self-isolating and said he feels much better now.

The 37-year-old dancer told The Sun : “I remember in January I was really ill, just before I started rehearsals for The Wedding Singer, the musical.

Kevin believes he may have already contracted and recovered from coronavirus earlier this year

“I was really ill and then going into rehearsals I remember having really heavy flu.

“I kept coughing all the time and I had a fever and they are some of the things they are talking about with Coronavirus.”

He maintained he was staying indoors now and was only leaving the house to buy essential items.

Stacey asked to hear people’s isolation experiences for a documentary she is making

Though he said he feels fine now, Kevin said he is probably one of many people in the country who think they may have already contracted the coronavirus but were not diagnosed.

Meanwhile his girlfriend Stacey took to Instagram to announce she is making a documentary about the pandemic.

She urged her followers to contact her with information about their experiences of self-isolation and the lockdown.

Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton starred on Strictly together

“How are you staying sane, how are you being productive?” she asked.

“Would love to hear about the unsung heroes so those that are prioritising others, putting their own concerns, their own needs to the one side, and making sure that the older crowd, those who are a bit more vulnerable, are looked after.”

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She continued: “You might be getting shopping you might be working with the homeless, you might be associated with some kind of charity some kind of NGO, food distribution, giving blood.

“The NHS workers on the front line we are so in awe of you we are so grateful, we recognise the severity of the situation, police, the supermarket workers everybody thank you so so much, I’d love to see your videos, send us your clips, quick bio, what life is like now.”

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